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A Dose of Honest Sympathy

by Prema Sheerin, Asheville, North Carolina, USA

Fire, or heart, provides us the capacity to feel emotions. But we can find their natural cycles and fluidity confused or blocked by stuck ways of thinking. This is the third installment of a five-article series Prema Sheerin is writing on emotional wisdom. You'll find links to the other two installments of this series in the side bar when you follow the "Continue Reading" link below.

As the days shorten in the Northern Hemisphere, we move into the season known as Late Summer. This season is resonant with the earth element, as with the abundance, sweetness and nourishment of the harvest. The earth element also expresses as the emotion of Sympathy.

We have such a broad spectrum of associations with the emotion of “sympathy,” ranging from seeing it as a positive, virtuous impulse to looking askance at it as a form of condescending pity. So let’s start by clarifying what we mean by sympathy in the context of this series of articles on emotional wisdom.

As with Fear and Happiness, described in the first two articles in this series on emotional wisdom, Sympathy is one of five elemental emotions. These arise in response to life circumstances, move us to respond effectively and then dissipate as the situation changes. Sympathy is the elemental emotion that allows us to feel and appreciate the experience of another or of ourselves. It is especially relevant for challenging experiences and it gives rise to the impulse to reach out and offer support, comfort and understanding….

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Prosperity and Gratitude

On December 3rd, in conjunction with the full moon, Sacred Fire Community Chairman David Wiley will join representatives from the other Sacred Fire organizations and medicine paths to ritually harvest the corn that was planted back in June. Our corn has been growing bountifully!

All those who feel a connection with the work of the Sacred Fire Community are invited to attend this event. Although we cannot all be physically present for the corn harvest as we would be if we lived in a village together, everyone’s involvement is nonetheless important. After all, this ritual is about each of us having the resources we need to bring the work of heart and Fire into the world.

If you aren't able to be there, you are invited to connect to this ritual from home, by burning a candle that day and contemplating where you feel gratitude in your life.

2018 Ukilái Men’s Gatherings Announced

Join David Wiley on April 19 – 23 in the Scottish Highlands or May 31 – June 4 in the Utah Painted Desert for Ukilái: A Gathering of Men.

Embark on a pilgrimage to your soul. Strip away society’s baggage, and learn to balance action, compassion, feelings and achievements in daily life.

Discounted early-bird registration for Ukilái Scotland is now available! For more information or to register for this program, click here.

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Scared, Excited, Grateful

Board members and Directors of the Sacred Fire Community met in August to coordinate and plan our movements over the next 6 months. All felt a heightened sense of the importance of bringing fire and heart into the world at this critical point in human history. Tuning into the daily news, one can witness the increasing polarity that is dividing our people. Fear is ever more present.

It is time to put any hesitation aside and do our part to get the work of this community out into the world, which really needs our offerings at this critical time.

As we joked more than once at the meetings, we felt scared, excited, and grateful. This is the great adventure that many of us have been anticipating!

Happenings around the global community

Anne Lynn completes Mara’akame Initiation Fiesta

On September 21 in Tepoztlán, Mexico, Sacred Fire Community Firekeeper Anne Lynn from East Sussex, England completed her initiation fiesta to become a mara’akame — a traditional Huichol healer and community leader. As offerings were being made to begin the fiesta, a magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck just 40 miles east of the fiesta site. For many of those in attendance, the earthquake highlighted how out of balance the world is and the need for the profound healing provided by this medicine.

We salute Anne for her hard work and the service she is undertaking to offer her community.

Join us in welcoming our new initiates

The Women’s Initiation Council proudly presents three young women who have put their feet to the process of initiation and emerged on August 5 to tell the world of their accomplishments.

Please join us in welcoming Abigail Murray-Nikkel of Fayetteville, North Carolina, Cassandra Starks of Haigler, Nebraska, and Sarah Weissman of Ann Arbor, Michigan!

Find out more about Initiation

Upcoming Programs and Events

Prosperity Ritual Harvest

December 3
Tepoztlán (Morelos) Mexico

Find out more

Life Cycle Living

March 10-11, 2018
Asheville, NC, USA
with David Wiley and Sherry Boatright

Find out more

Ukilái: A Gathering of Men

April 19-23
Scottish Highlands
With David Wiley

Find out more

Life Cycle Living

April 28-29, 2018
Santa Monica, CA, USA
with Lisa Lichtig and Prema Sheerin

Find out more

Ukilái: A Gathering of Men

May 31 - June 4
Utah Painted Desert
With David Wiley

Find out more

Fire Speaks: An Audience with Grandfather Fire

June 16
Dartmoor (Devon) United Kingdom
With Grandfather Fire

Find out more

The Sacred Fire Community is a charitable non-profit dedicated to bringing forth programs, activities, and communications that promote healing and growth through the spirit of Sacred Fire. As with any organization there are many aspects of what we do that take financial resources in order to make all of this possible. We rely on your generosity. We are more than grateful for anything you can do.

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